Biodiversity Promoters Motivation Centers

BIO-INNOVATE project aims to maintain the balance between biodiversity and agriculture through the creation of management models that will guide on how cross border mountainous areas should be managed. Hence, the program will implement holistic breeding of deer and controlled management of wild horses to complement resource efficiency and biodiversity of Prosotsani and Gotse Deltsev regions.

The project also focuses on achieving societal acceptance and integration of tourism activities with the ecosystem by promoting and encouraging more people to come closer and interact with local ecosystems.

For that purpose, Prosotsani and Gotse Deltsev municipalities setup Biodiversity Promoters Motivation Centers (BPMC), housed for Greece in Micropoli and for Bulgaria in Gotse Deltsev, which will educate young people on the importance of biodiversity using up-to-date digital applications, such as augmented reality card application, treasure hunting application, interactive windows and holographic displayed interactive storyteller, virtual reality 360opresentation and a smartphone QR exploration application. Thus, the Biodiversity Promoters Motivation Centers (BPMC) will serve to stimulate the local cross-border economy and improve the attractiveness of the cross-border area.

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